Why Wedding Under 50 Guests Is A Great Idea

Not everyone likes a big wedding, it seems. And it also seems there is a certain stigma over organizing such a venue. In our experience, there is nothing wrong with going small and here are some reasons why.


the number one reason for a small wedding is undoubtedly intimacy. It doesn’t mean that you are weird or that you have no friends. Just the opposite. People we’ve worked with on wedding venues under 50 guests were some of the best people out there. The benefit of having such a small wedding is in the fact that here you will have only your closest friends and members of the family. This type of ceremony is usually warmer and more personal. It’s all about making the stars shine!

 Affordable Price

it’s only logical to conclude that the smaller weddings cost less. There is always a way to spend more money on a wedding, but more and more people seem to get away from that idea. The money you save this way can be used to start a new life or have a perfect honeymoon. Also, investing less in your big day creates less pressure, and you can always go for a stress downsizing.

 Easier Logistics

small wedding

allow me to state the obvious: smaller is always – smaller. Wedding preparations for 50 people are always easier than preparing for 500. This means that you will spend less time worrying and more time making sure everything is perfect. We are always there to make sure everything goes perfect, but it is impossible for the bride and groom not to think about it all.


smaller venues, and especially weddings for 50 people or less are always easier to pull off. And we’re not talking logistics here. Some of the most attractive venues and chapels are often off limits solely due to their capacity. With a small party of fifty, you are most likely to get any place you wish. Many of the most beautiful cathedrals are limited to 100 seats which is often a deal breaker for large parties.