Making a wedding under $2000

Many, mostly young, people are getting more and more interested in the low-cost weddings. It seems that, for a part of the population, bigger isn’t always better. Young couples often decide for this step to save for their future life or their dream journey after the wedding. We are always glad to help you with the tips on how to make the best wedding for less than $2000!


As one of the biggest budget points, choosing the right location is paramount. To spend less, you often need to get a little bit creative. If you have a cheap venue in your mind already – that is great. Many people already know some cheap places in their neighborhood, which can be great. Another option is going for the open wedding. Wedding couples are getting increasingly interested in venues like farms, fields, and forest where they can host a dream wedding for almost no cost.


Food is the second biggest concern when you need to plan a wedding. In our experience, there are always more and less expensive choices to be made. You certainly can try and look for some lesser known companies or restaurants that can make delicious low-cost food. Another option is to go home-made. Making food at home is a massive task if you have a big wedding ahead, but it can be done.


Renting chairs and tables can make a big dent in your budget if you are not careful. Prices can be quite high in this business and rent is sometimes the most major point of budget. Borrowing such equipment is a logical option if you know a guy. Still, many churches or big public organizations will be glad to rent you chairs and tables for far less money.  It’s worth asking around.



Everybody wants their wedding memories to be perfect. In the years after the big day, you will want to relive it, and it is important that photos are top quality. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to give all your money out just for the pictures. Hiring a lesser known photographer, a beginner or an art student can be a very good idea. Of course, make sure their work quality is high enough for you before you hire them.